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Focused on Health and Wellness for Our Patients

A.U.M. Physical Therapy is an integrated, medically-based health and wellness facility designed to help people of all ages and levels of fitness achieve their health and wellness goals. At A.U.M., we are focused on a person’s total well-being. Whether it’s related to bones, joints, muscles or nerves, you will receive one-on-one hands on patient focused care.

As soon as you walk into our facility, you are welcomed by a friendly caring team of individuals who are committed to creating a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere. We will do everything possible to relieve any stress you may be feeling due to your need for physical therapy.


Our Goal is to Help You Manage Daily Aches & Pains

Age Gracefully. Stay Active. Enjoy Life!


Who needs physical therapy

Physical therapy helps people move, function, and live independently with or without pain. It is our goal to help you manage pain so you can maintain your mobility and balance.

Common ailments treated with physical therapy include

  • Post-Operative Rehabilitation

  • Fibromyalgia

  • Arthritis

  • Fall prevention and Fear of Falling

  • Unresolved Pain