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Get Your Mobility Back

Our Goal? To Help You Manage Daily Aches & Pains.

A.U.M. Physical Therapy & Wellness Center is:

  • A preferred provider of comprehensive physical therapy services

  • A trusted partner with many area physicians.

  • A Medicare participant.

  • Concerned with returning you to your pre-injury lifestyle.

  • Physical therapy is especially beneficial after an injury and during the aging process. This includes:

    • Gaining strength.

    • Improving balance.

    • Renewing confidence.

    • Promoting independence.

    • Enhancing quality of life.


What Our Patients Are Saying...

"I have received a complete and thorough understanding of my physical condition and what I needed to do to feel better. Vrinda gives you such great attention and encouragement! I have been to other physical therapists but never to someone who gives such complete care."

Eileen E., Age 65

My therapy program was customized to my personal requirements. I cannot say enough wonderful things about my experience and am happy to say that I have triumphed over this injury only through the support I experienced at AUM!

Stephanie D., Age 30